Extended Programs:

  • Capital Navigators Blog: Establish foundational knowledge
  • Capital Connections Training Series Podcast: Absorb information on the move
  • Capital Connections Authentic Voices: Gain insights from industry leaders
  • Live Masterclass: Implement your plan with flexible, accessible programs
  • Self-Paced Masterclass: Progress at your own speed with guidance and practice


Multidimensional Learning Process

Transform your business with our comprehensive learning programs tailored for solopreneurs, startups, small businesses, development stage companies, corporate executives, and technicians transitioning to business ownership.

Mastermind Groups: Collaborate, Learn, Grow
Our Mastermind Groups are  your key to 
  • Growth By Acquisition, 
  • Getting Investor Ready, or 
  • Exit On Your Terms

Work with like-minded individuals, learn from experts, and develop a customized plan for success.

Choose the right combination of information and engagement for your needs. Enroll today and start your transformative learning journey.

Blog & Podcast

Through our Capital Navigators Blog and Capital Connections Podcast, we like to open discussions on topics that matter to business builders.

Our focused topics are through the lens of a business lifecycle journal: Growth By Acquisition, Getting Investor Ready, and Exit On Your Terms.

If you want to know what our training and coaching programs are about, check out our blog and podcast to join the discussion.

Digital Coach

Our Self-Paced Learning options are the perfect alternative for those who can't attend live sessions. They offer our rich content and insightful strategies with the flexibility to learn at your own pace. 

Self-paced Masterclasses for: 

  • Growth By Acquisition
  • Getting Investor Ready
  • Exit On Your Terms

Capital Coach

A dynamic, in-depth exploration of our blog topics. Each 1-hour weekly session offers:
        ​• Craft Individualized Strategies
        • Breakout Room Peer Activities
        • 7-Days of  Interactive Content
        • Daily 10-minute reflective Q&A
​This approach ensures that you effectively engage with the information and progressively build your action plan.