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Empowering Your Business, One Strategy at a Time!

Our core services provide personalized coaching, training, and back-office support to address our clients’ biggest obstacles on the road to success. We demystify complex financial strategies for small and mature businesses, startups, corporate executives, and technicians striking out on their own.

We distill decades of expertise into targeted guidance concentrated around three key enterprise growth stages:

Growth By Acquisition: help clients identify acquisition targets, secure funding, negotiate, and close deals to drive strategic expansion.

Getting Investor Ready: prepare clients to attract investor funding, structuring everything from cap tables to pitch decks and crafting compelling investment stories.

Exit On Your Terms: architect exit strategies, setting up clients for a seamless leadership transition or business sale on their preferred timeline.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, from Masterclasses and Mastermind Groups to self-paced online learning. Each program is meticulously crafted, blending in-depth knowledge with practical, real-world applications. Our unique approach lies in teaching and implementing the strategies alongside you, ensuring each step is a stride toward success. 

Lorette Farris, CEO & Capital Coach

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision at iBOSS Inc. is to create a nurturing environment where every small business dream is valued and given the tools to thrive. As The Capital Coach, Lorette leverages her extensive experience across financial sectors to provide personalized solutions that cater to each client's unique journey. 

Her expertise is vast and varied, from insurance to investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, and business brokerage. We address entrepreneurial pain points through personalized coaching, training programs, and back-office support, enabling our clients to focus on cultivating meaningful connections and relationships. This holistic approach is fueled by our belief in the transformative power of empathetic guidance and strategic insight, ensuring that each business we partner with reaches its highest potential.

Meet the Capital Coach

Lorette Farris, known as The Capital Coach, embodies the essence of leading by example. She intimately understands the entrepreneurial journey from personal experience.

She successfully grew companies, raised capital, and is now planning an exit. Lorette founded a business brokerage firm helping small businesses transition ownership; then, she strategically chose to merge her brokerage with a larger M&A firm. Lorette facilitated the acquisition of the majority shares of a security services company by raising capital from a small team of colleagues. She has also guided numerous clients in raising investment capital without intermediaries. 

Her professional path has traced constantly evolving arcs across insurance, investment banking, M&A, and business brokerage. This multifaceted expertise, combined with her firsthand lessons in taking her own medicine, gives Lorette both authority and empathy.

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