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PitchMe Previews


PitchMe Previews

All About PitchMe

Entrepreneurs deliver a 10-minute pitch with 10-minute Q&A. Your professionally recorded video pitch can than be used to market your opportunity to a broader audience of candidates to include investors, co-founders, board members, advisors, partners and staff. 

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Accelerator Training

Accelerator Training Program Preview

The accelerator training is a 12 week program designed to walk through the full process of raising capital. The focus is equity-based crowd funding as made available by the JOBS Act of 2012. 

Covering Private Placements, Reg A Offerings, Crowdfunding and general solicitation (marketing and advertising) best practices.

Capital Academy

The Capital Academy "Show"

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The PitchMe companion show where Entrepreneurs, Investors and Industry Professionals exchange experiences, know how and best practices. Founders get to make a case for their business model.

When seeking investors, board members, advisors, partners or team members, we help to build your brand and exposure.