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Experts OnDemand ("EOD") is iBOSSinc's answer for entrepreneurs raising capital while bootstrapping their growth and development. The platform introduces startup and early stage company Founders to industry professionals with a win-win focus, cost-effectively for the Founder and time-efficiently for the Expert. 

Through the Experts OnDemand Directory, Members assess which Expert(s) is best suited to address their immediate question then connect through:

    • eVoiceMail - a system for Members to send electronic voicemail questions from 1.5 - 5 minutes long. Experts receive the questions via email and respond via electronic voicemail at a time convenient for them.
    •  Schedule a Meeting - when more detailed information may be required, Members can elect to schedule a 30-minute virtual meeting with select Experts. Meetings are scheduled electronically and controlled by the Expert of Choice. 
Founders get an opportunity to test drive Experts who in-turn get an opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs otherwise unknown to them. The iHub focus is to assist startups and early stage Founders through the multiple disciplines needed to raise capital. Especially the seed capital needed to, along with many other things, retain the services of professionals.

Expert OnDemand Engagement Levels

    • Featured EOD1 Membership - Experts opt-in to Schedule a Meeting in addition to eVoiceMail and a Directory Listing
    • Expanded EOD2 Membership - Experts opt-in to eVoiceMail and a Directory Listing
    • Listing Only EOD3 Membership - Experts opt-in for a Directory Listing Only

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 Other Expert and Entrepreneur Touch Points

Experts OnDemand 

Continue to Share their Expertise Through 

    • Capital Conference
    • Capital Navigators Meetup Group
    • Pitch Perfect: PitchMe
    • Capital Academy Show
    • Capital Academy Recap

Capital Navigators

Capital Navigators meet quarterly at the Capital Conference (CC) and virtually on the months in-between. The CC includes a Recognition Awards segment of which Group MVP's are showcased. Membership is not contingent upon Conference attendance, just know you are absolutely welcome!

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