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Channel Lineup

Go to iBOSSinc TV Live on the ACT Boom Network to see the full program schedule for: 

  • ·       PitchMe – Entrepreneurs "pitch" their crowd, clients, partners or investors.
  • ·       Capital Academy: Show – Extending business profiles through the talk show.
  • ·       Capital Academy: Recap – Here best practice solutions from industry professionals. 
  • ·       Resources Unplugged – Business resources to help start, build & expand healthy growth.
  • ·       Other Presentations – Third party events, lectures and presentations.
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Reach Your Crowd:

    • Present on PitchMe
    • Get Showcased on Capital Academy
    • Get Selected for a CA: Recap Spotlight - submit a qualifying question
    Click for Details to qualify for PitchMe.     

Submit a compelling business question for Capital Academy: Recap. If selected we will spotlight you on the show. Click this link to Submit Your Question.

Industry Professionals

Extend Your Brand as:

    • Panelist on PitchMe
    • Co-Host on Capital Academy
    • Co-Host on CA: Recap
    • Sponsor a Teaching Moment
    Register as an Investor to serve as PitchMe Panelist.
    Apply to Co-Host Capital Academy.
    Order your Teaching Moment spot.

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