Entrepreneurs, from startups to going concerns, know how important sufficient capital is to operate and succeed in a competitive market.  Integrating a holistic capital campaign approach into your company’s full spectrum of management functions is imperative.

With the iBOSSinc Capital Campaign, we provide human capital to help attract and engage with a vast network of potential investors to help you execute your business plan. Partnering with you to bring our resources to bear, helping to round-out your full capitalization plan with a comprehensive customized marketing campaign, then getting to work with elevating your investment profile. Our back-office services are designed to be seamless, working in tandem with your management team to implement a high-level campaign to secure the funding you need. 

Financing Your Real Estate Project: Where is the Money?

Complete the survey if you'd like to discuss options and processes to raise capital your your real estate project.

Building Your Crowd

Every Capital Campaign Starts With Your Sphere of Influence. From Real Estate Syndicates to Equity-Based Crowd Funding - Full Capitalization Can Be Closer Than You Think!

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