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The iBOSSinc Capital Navigators Blog elevates the voice of investors, thought leaders and service providers as they share best practices for startups and early stage companies raising capital.  Let us hear your voice, we welcome comments.

Investor Conversion Funnel

    • Reach - ensure your reach is sufficient for the amount of capital you need to raise and use all available channels that make sense for your capital campaign.
    • Assess Interest - After your "Wide-Net Outreach" work to identify interested parties and their level of interest early which helps in developing an effective drip campaign.
    • Inform & Engage - Inform your developing network with quality information and ways to engage them as you need to understand and satisfy any objections.
    • Drive for Action - Never forget your focus - to raise capital. Nurturing activities should lead to triggers that move the process from interest to due diligence.
    • Convert - Now that you have established qualified and interested investors their conversion to shareholders is the first step in this new relationship.

Early Investors are Your Best Cheerleaders - When You Treat Them Right!

Capital Navigators 5 Steps to Sufficiency

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